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Many people are confused about the difference between assault and battery in the context of the law, but the difference is relatively simple. Assault charges relate to the threat of physical harm, while battery charges involve the infliction of physical harm. Penalties vary according to the severity of the case, with both ranging from misdemeanors to third degree felonies.
Here are some common penalties associated with assault and battery charges:

  • Simple assault: A simple assault is a threat causing someone to fear impending violence. It can lead to imprisonment of up to 6 days and a fine of no more than $500. Simple assaults against special victims such as police officers or other public servants are a felony offense.
  • Aggravated assault: Typically involving weapons or more severe forms of threats, these charges are deemed more serious that simple assaults and thus entail third degree felony charges.
  • Simple battery: A simple battery involves physical harm against a victim, typically via violent physical contact. It is classified as a misdemeanor unless it involves a special victim (see above).
  • Aggravated battery: Like aggravated assault, aggravated battery is a more severe form of physical violence, typically involving weapons. It is a felony charge.

If you have been charged with any of the above offenses, Rendi Katalinic can help you determine the best possible way to proceed with your case.

Arrested for Domestic Violence

If someone you know has been arrested for a domestic violence crime in Okaloosa County, Walton County, and Santa Rosa County, it is very likely they are being held in custody with no bond. To be released, the person will appear before a First Appearance Judge within 24 hours of being arrested. The First Appearance Judge has the discretion to issue a bond amount, set any conditions of release (such as no contact with the victim) or deny a bond. If you, or someone you know, is released on bond, it is imperative that you comply with the Judge’s Order. A violation of the Judge’s Order could result in further incarceration and an additional criminal charges.

Rendi will defend your Domestic Violence charge

Rendi Katalinic is a domestic violence attorney. He is very well versed in the nuances of domestic violence law and intimately familiar with the strategies to fight the charge. The Katalinic Law firm has consistently and effectively represented thousands of persons charged with Domestic Violence, typically pushing the State Attorney to trial to prove their case. A common misperception in domestic violence case is referred to as “the recanting victim”. Defendants often think the State Attorney will dismiss the charges if the alleged victim does not wish to prosecute. That belief is incorrect – the State Attorney can move forward, and try to prove their case, even when the victim is unavailable.

If you have been arrested for a Domestic Violence charge, call my office immediately because time is often of the essence. The earlier I am retained on your case, the sooner I can interview witnesses, recreate the scene and speak to the State Attorney to potentially prevent them from filing the charges. I represent individuals charged with Domestic Violence in Destin, Shalimar, Crestview, Niceville, Fort Walton, Valparaiso and Navarre Florida.

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